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On February 7, 1996 was born the club's history Buttafuoco union of eleven young winemakers:
Bruno Barbieri, David Brambilla, Giuseppe Calvi, Valter Calvi, Claudio Colombi, Fiamberti Ambrose, Stephen Magrotti, Franco Pellegrini, Andrea Picchioni, Umberto Quaquarini, Paul Green
The intent is to collaborate in the research of the historical, in the selection of the most acclaimed parcels, production subsidiary, in promoting wine Buttafuoco.
A major challenge without recklessness, but with the conviction founded can fight on equal terms with the great Italian and international wines.
A 'whole new adventure for the' Oltrepò: get to have the traditional wine paradoxically new, designed and built with unusual criteria for our cellars, where the parameter safer for the quality of wine was always the ability to explode a compact foam to only pour. Difficult therefore the only think of a still wine, serene in its austerity, as it is hard to be convinced to produce less, to reduce redundant clusters, and how it is even more difficult to submit to the judgment of those who only have the right to judge the full compliance of the wine with the rules of the Club, to be able to present as a worthy member in all respects.
On March 5, 1996 is recorded the statute , which binds members to produce the Buttafuoco according to a strict internal rules.
The brand adopted consists of an oval, evocation of typical barrel at Pavese Buttafuoco supported by written and from which branch off two red ribbons representing the two streams, the Versa and Scuropasso, bordering the historic area of production; inside the silhouette of a tall ship propelled by sails flaming remember that in the second half of 1800, the Austro-Hungarian Imperial Navy passed a ship named "Buttafuoco".
Legend has it that the name is the memory of a lost battle by a company of sailors imperial-controlled ferry operations on the Po River near Stratford and then used on these hills in our war against the Franco-Piedmontese. A wine of the place called Buttafuoco was more successful in the fire of battle in 'attract to itself the bold sailors, who, in a large cellar, slew of barrels and bottles.
President: Pierluigi Giorgi
 Vice president: Fabiano Giorgi
Director: Armando Colombi

Colombi Francesco
Giulio Fiamberti
Umberto Quaquarini

Eugenio Achilli
 Silvio Rocca
Giuseppe Zatti

as Regional Register
Fr.ne Vigalone 106 - 27044 Canneto Pavese (PV) - C.F. 93005850180 - P.IVA 02054090184
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