Grappa Of Buttafuoco

The Grappa Buttafuoco marked on the label from the "Mark of the Dawn Treader" draws its life from the pomace of long fermentation of Buttafuoco Storico.

The skin of the four grapes separated from the precious wine is immediately closed to protect it from contact with the air and in the shortest time possible to conduct Distillery, where the Master Franco Rovero will then extract the liquid alchemy.

The distillation occurs discontinuously in a small copper pot still brandy and after the adjustment remains at rest for at least a year is not undergoing any kind of flavoring, not even that of wood, to preserve the soul of its origins.

The Grappa Buttafuoco is white with intense nose of dried fruit, dried fruit and mineral notes on the palate very warm, enveloping and soft with a clean finish.
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