For producing Buttafuoco Storico are allowed only those vineyards that have historically generated Buttafuoco in the centuries of the highest quality, positioned within the " historic area "and registered in the vineyards of the Chamber of Commerce with their traditional name.
All cultural practices should aim to achieve maximum quality and environmental protection.
The training allowed are only those in the ascending vegetation. The blend of Buttafuoco is made from grapes esclusivamte autocne dell'Oltrepò: Croatina, Barbera, Uva Rara, Ughetta of Reed.
The harvest will not be delivered before a date specified by a special commission of the country and must be strictly manual with careful selection of grapes.
The vinification of the grapes must take place in a single vessel Vinario and the result of this practice can not be changed.
Buttafuoco aged in oak barrels for at least twelve months is to achieve the kind of great red wines assured color load and strong, with great body and structure, warm taste and scents.
Subsequently finished in the historic bottle Oltrepo least for six months on which is engraved the brand of the Club.
To further guarantee will apply a label that will bring back a serial number and the fires vintage.

The minimum score required to wine for boasting the brand, will be eighty cents according to the board of
the Union International des Oenologues and will be expressed by a commission of the cellar .

Based on the last tasting is established ranking Vintage expressed in fires:

from 80/100 to 85/100 three fires
from 86/100 to 90/100 four burners
from 91/100 to 95/100 five fires
from 96/100 to 100/100 six burners

The Historical Buttafuoco will be presented to the public and put on the market as of midnight on the second Sunday of November, after three years of collection.
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