Historical Area

The Zone Historical production Buttafuoco is located in Oltrepò Pavese in the province of Pavia, more precisely in that territory called "Spur of Stradella", bordered on the west by the river Scuropasso, east by the river Versa, north from the Po Valley, in South from the municipal boundaries of Castana and Pietra de Giorgi and half crossed the forty-fifth parallel.
 The territory includes the towns of Broni, Canneto Pavese, Castana, Cigognola, Montescano, Stradella and Pietra de 'Giorgi.
The weather is quite cold in winter, but warm and breezy in summer, usually not affected by the mists of the Po basin. The favorable exposure of the vineyards allows a long insolation daily, while in the evening warm updrafts creep between the rows. This ensures a gradual and complete ripening of the grapes.
This territory albeit small, the surface of which is about two thousand hectares for a population of about three thousand inhabitants, is characterized by both geological environments that soil very different, hence the peculiarities of each vineyard expresses a totally original character in wines from it products.
However, we can divide the area into three sub-zones with historical characteristics quite homogeneous:
THE GHIAIE (alcohol and acidity)
 Northernmost territory of the production area of ​​the Historical Buttafuoco bottom gravel embedded in sand. Subzone is characterized by very steep vineyards that express the best upstream half hill. The grapes reach high degrees of maturity and become rich wines, slightly edgy young, but with high longevity.
THE SANDSTONE (alcohol and tannins)
 Central territory of the production area of ​​the Historical Buttafuoco bottom sandstones compact in some places almost outcrops. The vineyards of this subzone are exposed mainly to the southwest. The compactness of the sandstones is hampering the growth of the plant in the early years, however, to give the vine matures strong resistance to drought. The grapes concentrate the mineral subsoil and gives our wines that occur in youth slightly bitter, but that evolve into complex austerity.
CLAYS (alcohol and body)
Territory to the south of the area of ​​production of Buttafuoco Storico bottom layered clays. In this subzone the slope of the vineyards is inferior to the other two, the fund is generally cooler and gives the plant ruggedness. The grapes are favored by a course vegetative usually constant ripen perfectly. The wines are presented immediately round and intriguing while showing remarkable structure and body.

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