At the center of the historical area of ​​production of Buttafuoco in sheet five to the seven map of the City of Castana, Vigna Montarzolo represents the nobility of this product. The base of sandstone that builds this vineyard, already quarrying the stones used for the construction of the prestigious church of San Michele di Pavia, characterizes the wine that is born here in an unmistakable way. The thinness and lack of soil water require plants to send their roots to a deep depth where they find particular mineral salts that go back up into the clusters. All this is then enriched and fixed by the sun, which warms up this steep natural amphitheater covered by Croatina, Barbera, Uva Rara and Ughetta di Canneto already planted with the right percentages for the production of Buttafuoco as did the old winemakers.

The harvest, strictly by hand, is made of all the grapes on the same day, the vinification lasts about three weeks and when it is drawn off the Buttafuoco passes into small oak barrels, where it remains for three years. Essential after the wood is the aging in bottle that fixes the strong personality over time. The Buttafuoco of Vigna Montarzolo, like all wines closely linked to the land of origin, brings with it the intriguing characteristics that differentiate each year. The methods of cultivation of the vine and vinification of the grapes, which we adopt, are strictly traditional ones without any modern technique of stabilizing the product, therefore a slight deposit is normal. The power, the alcohol content, which always exceeds 14 ° and the impressive polyphenolic structure allow the Buttafuoco di Montarzolo to live and mature for at least two decades.

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Davide, Carla e Valter Calvi

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Technical Card of the Vineyard

Vigna Montarzolo

Sandstone sub-area

City of Castana

Vineyard implanted in 1991

Registration to the Buttafuoco Storico from 1996