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Colombi Francesco’s Farm has its origins in the Oltrepadana rural reality. The Colombi’s family has always been involved in agriculture. The land owned, cultivated with grapes and cereals, at the end of the last century were gradually planted with vineyards. The company had its best development in the 60s, making a large quantity of typical wines from the Oltrepò Pavese. Tradition has continued to this day with the production of quiet and lively wines of high quality.


The management of the company is strictly family and the clientele is mainly made up of families and qualified restaurateurs. Colombi’s Farm tends to the constant improvement of its grapes and wines on the level of genuineness and rural tradition. Among all its products, the historic “Casa Barnaba” Buttafuoco is the flagship that most reflects the art of knowing how to vinify inherited from generation to generation.


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Francesco Colombi

Address: Via Casa Ozzola, 27040 Castana
Mobile: 333 4302098
E-mail: vinicolombi@libero.it

Technical Card of the Vineyard

Vigna Casa Barnaba

Clays sub-area

City of Castana

Vineyard Implanted in 2011

Registration to the Buttafuoco Storico from 1996