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Diana’s Farm was founded in 1928 by Angelo who worked the land of Castana and already produced excellent red wines, which in 1951 obtained diplomas of merit and important awards. After 1970 the conduction passed to his son Mario, who that same year with five producers of Castana gets the recognition – ministerial – of the Denomination of Controlled Origin for Buttafuoco, today the company’s flagship wine.
From 2007 to 2012 Diana has been radically renovated and modernized by Giovanni, the third generation of this family of winemakers, to respond with resources and resources to the needs of consumers who are increasingly attentive to the product they choose.


In respect of the original system, the winery is today arranged on four communicating levels. In an ascending path that from the ground floor to the last runs backwards the process that makes wine from the grapes: we start from aging in barriques and tonneau, we go up to the aging in steel and to the reception rooms of the grapes , until you get to the shelter of agricultural tools and get from the farm directly to the vineyards. The barrel cellar has been recreated in an original 17th century cellar whose walls of stones and bricks preserve intact the charm of the medieval village that was the ancient Castana.

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Marisa Vecchi

Phone: +39 0385 249611
Mobile: +39 335 6186193
E-mail: diana@dianawine.it
Web Site: www.dianawine.it

Technical Card of the Wineyard

Vigna Ca’ Cagnoni
Sub-area of clays

City of Castana

Registration to the Buttafuoco Storico from 2014