The Fiamberti farm in Canneto Pavese is one of the oldest companies in the Oltrepò Pavese and in the whole of Lombardy. In 2014 it celebrated the 200th anniversary of its foundation. The history of the Fiamberti family has been intertwined since the dawn with that of Canneto Pavese and the production of wine in Oltrepò.
In fact, the art of well making wine has always been the main activity of the Fiamberti family.
Documents dated two centuries ago prove it, as well as an uninterrupted family tradition. To this tradition today there is a rational and modern operational structure that makes it an exemplary company both from an agricultural and from an enological point of view.

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The achievement of a good wine is the result of a patient work that finds the first effort in the cultivation of the vineyards.
Those of the Fiamberti Company extend over about 20 hectares and are all recognized as Controlled Designation of Origin. Our vineyards are located in a hilly area that is rather impervious, which makes their cultivation difficult. The excellent quality of the grapes produced, however, highly reward our efforts.
Each vineyard has been planted with the most suitable vines for the soil and exposure to allow a healthy ripening of the grapes. The harvest, carried out strictly by hand, is a moment of careful selection.

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The Winemaker

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Giulio Fiamberti

Phone: +39 0385 88019
Fax: +39 0385 88414
E-mail: info@fiambertivini.it
Website: www.fiambertivini.it

Technical Card of the Vineyard

Vigna Sacca del Prete
Gravel sub-area

City of Stradella

Registration to the Buttafuoco Storico from 1996