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Casa del Corno, the oldest of the Giorgi vineyards, comes from the most remote ancestors and is undoubtedly one of the most famous cru of the Oltrepò Pavese.
From the top of this hill, in the commune of Stradella, dominates much of the Po Valley; this area has always been a point of reference for the great reds of the Oltrepò


Our Buttafuoco Oltrepò Pavese, vinified with scrupulous care, is placed in oak barrels for about twelve months; it is aged in small French barrels, then bottled, where it stays for at least a year in cool cellars; the result is a rare wine with a superb completeness of bouquets and perfectly harmonized flavors.

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Fabiano Giorgi

Phone: +39 0385 262151
Fax: +39 0385 60440
E-mail: info@giorgi-wines.it
Website: www.giorgi-wines.it

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