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Vigna Catelotta, owned by the company since 1700, is located in the heart of the Buttafuoco Storico area and boasts an undeniable and centuries-old vocation for the production of fine grapes. It is located in the City of Castana, on the hilly terrace which forms the western boundary of the Valle Versa. It has a continuous surface of 00.36 Ha with a shape irregularly rectangular plot. It rises to 250m a.s.l., in an airy place and far from the valley bottom. Look south-east, collecting the maximum solar irradiation available on a daily basis. The high slope and insolation determine a particularly severe water regime that leads to an optimal ripening of the grapes for important red wines.


The vines are pruned to simple Guyot with a charge of gems equal to 13 units per vine according to the canons of the best viticulture of Oltrepò Pavese taken from the production disciplinary of Buttafuoco Storico. The strains are implanted according to a sixth which provides 2 meters of distance between rows and 1.2 meters on the row with a theoretical density of 4200 plants per hectare. The actual density is lower due to the advanced age of the vineyard which resulted in several failures. We proceed with traditional techniques and strictly manual respecting the maximum balance achieved in many years of cultivation. The harvest is done manually with severe selection of the grapes.

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Cristian e Graziano Calvi

Phone: +39 0385 241527
Fax: +39 0385 241527
E-mail: tenutalacosta@libero.it
Website: www.tenutalacosta.com

Technical Card of the Vineyard

Vigna Catelotta
Clays sub-area

City of Castana

Vineyard implanted in 1980

Registration to the Buttafuoco Storico from 1996