“The vineyard is the factor that matters most, then there are passion, experience and love for their territory”

With this sentence we like to present our company Scuropasso – Moscarino which was founded in 1962 by the will of Federico and Primo, respectively father and fatherly uncle of Fabio. In the production of the sparkling bases of Pinot Nero, which produce for the great realities of Franciacorta and Piedmont, and in the care of the ancient vineyards in the Garivalda area, an amphitheater in the Scuropasso valley particularly suited to the production of Buttafuoco .
Fabio, the third generation in the Cellar, enters towards the end of the 80s and immediately concentrates on giving the company its own imprint, aware of producing high quality Pinot Noir and great Croatina red wines.
Driven by passion, he begins to try his hand at producing the metodo classico, making his debut in 1991 with the Scuropasso Metodo Classico Brut. In the following years Fabio’s desire to express a personal production philosophy with his classic method grew. Thus in 1998 the Roccapietra line was born “a patient bubble” as we like to define it, because of the long aging on the lees.
Roccapietra is the name chosen to tell the territory through the synthesis of the names of the two municipalities symbol of the Scuropasso valley.

Fabio’s wife, Manuela and daughter Flavia, fourth generation in the company, have given a decisive contribution to the continuation of the company philosophy with their passion and love for the environment and nature. In fact, the family farm (the company Moscarino) has abolished for many years, the use of all forms of chemical herbicide and pesticide, and strictly applies the Bio protocol in their vineyards. In the cellar it has invested so much in renewable energy, to become, with its own photovoltaic system, independent in terms of energy.

The women of the family also gave a decisive contribution to the exploitation of the two old Buttafuoco vineyards of the Moscarino winery: Vigna Pietra de’ Giorgi (Buttafuoco Lunapiena) and, above all, that of Canneto Pavese, the Vigna Pianlong.


It is a “Crù” of Canneto Pavese, replanted in the ’80s, with giropoggio method, as in the best tradition of ancient Piedmont.
Composed of 50% of Croatina, 25% of Barbera, 12% of Uva Rara and 13% of Ughetta di Canneto, has an area of ​​4000 m², south-west exposure in the City of Canneto Pavese, gravels sub-area with an altitude of 200 meters above sea level. Since April 2017, the Pianlong vineyard has become part of the Buttafuoco Storico Club Consortium.


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Fabio Marazzi

Phone: +39 0385 85143
Fax: +39 0385 85143
E-mail: info@scuropasso.it

Technical Card of the Vineyard

Vigna Pianlong

Gravels sub-area

City of Canneto Pavese

Vineyard implanted in 1990

Registration to the Buttafuoco Storico from 2017