The vineyard

Our land is divided in four parts, each of which with a precise vocation.

Casa Padroni, in the municipality of Castana, is the vineyard dedicated to the production of the Buttafuoco.
This area was planted recently, around ten years ago, with a density of over 4000 plants per acre.

La Fiocca, in the municipality of Bosnasco, is a vignard planted around 30 years ago with Pinot Nero clones imported directly from France and specialised for the vinification in red. The plants are arranged using the Guyot and “Cordone Speronato” (spurred cordon) techinques with a density of between three and four thousands per acre.

Campasso, in the municipality of Montù Beccaria, is an area particularly inclined to the production of red wine (Bonarda e Barbera) with plants older than 50 years placed at a density of 3000 per acre.

Fornacione, in the municipality of Montù Beccaria, is another area with a vocation for the production of red wine with young plants placed at a high density of 6000 per acre as well as older plants at a lower density of 4000 per acre from which we produce the Bonarda Invecchiata (aged Bonarda).

The wine cellar

The cellar with its machines is organised to delicately separate the stems and press the grapes so to extract only the noble part of the fruit. The vinification starts at controlled temperature to preserve the freshness and intensity of the wine.
The process continues in thermo-conditioned stainless steel baths to better control the start of the fermentation process. Depending on the kind of wine we also use durmast wood vats.

Lately we started conditioning the temperature of the grapes even before the vinification in order to achieve the cryofermentation, process that guarantees a better color and smell of the product.

ButtafuocoStorico PiccoloBaccoDeiQuaroni 005 Piccolo Bacco dei Quaroni


After the vinification only a small part of the production is transferred to large 13hl wine barrels or in 220 litres small barriques to be subject to an ageing process of between 12 and 18 months.

In the big barrels is aged the Buttafuoco produced from the vinification of Croatina, Barbera, Vespolina ed Rara vine. From a long process of ageing this wine acquires importance and complexity to become “austere”.

In small barrels we age, on the other hand, the Croatina and the Pinot Nero. With this kind of process we believe we preserve the freshness of their peculiar smell as well as the secondary smells of pepper, almond and violet.


ButtafuocoStorico PiccoloBaccoDeiQuaroni 012 Piccolo Bacco dei Quaroni


Tommaso Quaroni

Phone: +39 0385 60521
Address: Frazione Costa Montefedele – 27040 Montù Beccaria (PV)
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