This small farm was born above all in the thoughts of a child (the undersigned) born and raised in Milan who, like other Milanese, spent Sunday with their parents in the house among the vineyards of the hills of Canneto Pavese, in Monteveneroso. The passion for viticulture stems from a small, archaic Buttafuoco vineyard of 600 square meters in which we enjoyed, with mixed results, to produce a modest quantity of grapes to be transformed into wine for family consumption. Since the year 2008, after theoretical and practical experiences in the agricultural and oenological fields, the beginning of the turning point: we buy some vineyards and land, we move permanently to Monteveneroso and so begins my activity as winemaker, so that those 600 square meters of vineyard , today they have become about 5 hectares. In 2014 we decided to fulfill the childhood dream, that is to make a small part of the grapes produced in our own production, thus creating the “Piccola cantina dei Vini Fermi”.
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Our vineyards are often characterized by slopes that make it difficult to process, but the effort is rewarded by the certainty of being able to obtain grapes of particular value, thanks to a management with low environmental impact practices always aimed at limiting yields, to avoid forcing and safeguarding the hydrogeological structure of these delicate hillsides. We are first of all winemakers and the continuous and reasoned work in the vineyard is essential and indispensable to get to the winery with healthy and balanced grapes, such as to allow a linear vinification process, thus lowering the risk of having to intervene with practices, even legal , but which often tend to alter the authentic characteristics of the product. In addition to the human component, however, there is also a combination of climate and soil, which each year leads to important changes in the chemical / physical characteristics of the grapes obtained: among which, the most evident is that of the sugar level. Our main mission lies precisely in enhancing (and not repressing) in the cellar, as much as possible, these differences.

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Massimo Piovani

Phone: +39 0385 60061
E-mail: massimo.azagricola@alice.it

Technical Card of the Vineyard

Vigna Bricco in Versira

Sandstone sub-area

CIty of Canneto Pavese

Vineyard implanted nel 1994

Registration to the Buttafuoco Storico from 2014