In the heart of the production area of Buttafuoco Storico stands the “Vigna Canne” of the Riccardi di Montescano Company.Thanks to its location and excellent exposure are produced valuable qualities of Croatina, Barbera and Rara grapes from which you get excellent wine made with all the stagecoaches and following well-established rules to become “Historical”.
Luigi Riccardi has learned to love his company, vines and wine since he was a child because his grandparents and father were already tied to their vines; he attended the Carlo Gallini Institute in Voghera to have a more specialized viticultural culture and wants to dedicate his share of hard work to his family members who have given him endless care of the vines.


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Luigi Riccardi e sua figlia Alessia

Phone:+39 0385 60036
Fax:+39 0385 60036

Technical Card of the Vineyard

Vigna Canne

Sandstone sub-area

City of Montescano

Vineyard implanted in 1976

Registration to the Buttafuoco Storico from 2001