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In the Valle Versa, on the site of the ancient castle of Vigalone, already protagonist of the medieval history of the Oltrepò, is the Casa del Buttafuoco.
A lovely wine shop where, in addition to buying Buttafuoco Storico, you can learn all the information about this wine.

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Piazzetta del Buttafuoco Storico (ex Vigalone 106)
27044 Canneto Pavese (PV)

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Tuesday and Wednesday open by appointment

Adjacent to the House there is the Cellar where between times ancient and medieval walls you can taste the Grande Rosso, as well as the Grappa di Buttafuoco.
A unique point of reference for Buttafuoco Storico, the Enoteca hosts numerous cultural events linked to wine and is home to the Tourist Information Point of the Unione Prima Collina.

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Annata 2014

I Vignaioli del Buttafuoco Storico

For more information on the project “I Vignaioli del Buttafuoco Storico”

Grappa di Buttafuoco

The Grappa di Buttafuoco marked on the label by the “Marchio del Veliero” takes life from the long-fermented pomace of Buttafuoco Storico.

The peel of the four grapes separated from the precious wine is immediately closed to preserve it from contact with the air and in the shortest possible time taken to the Distillery, where Mastro Franco Rovero will extract the alchemical liquid.

The distillation takes place in a discontinuous manner in a small copper alembic and the grappa after rectification remains to rest for at least a year without undergoing any type of aromatization, not even that of wood, to preserve the soul of its origins.

Buttafuoco Grappa is white with an intense nose of withered fruit, dried fruit and mineral notes, very warm on the palate, enveloping and soft with a clean finish.

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Chinato di Buttafuoco Storico

The Chinato dei Vignaioli of Buttafuoco Storico is an elegant wine for meditation result of the infusion of the Buttafuoco Storico “I Vignaioli del Buttafuoco Storico” with officinal herbs in which predominates the calissaya, gentian, rhubarb, cardamom, bitter orange, sweet orange, cinnamon, cloves.