The long experience allowed the winemakers Oltrepadani to select native vines that are well suited to this environment and to codify the right proportions to get the best result.
From the fermentation with joint maceration of grapes with different characteristics comes the Buttafuoco Storico: a unique wine of great structure and with components that allow it to last intact for many years.
The blend of the Buttafuoco Storico is composed as follows: 50% Croatina which provides the polyphenolic structure, the color and the hints of red fruit; 25% Barbera which forms the backbone of the wine with its acidity and allows a greater extraction from the marc of Croatina; finally for the remaining part Ughetta di Canneto and Uva Rara that enrich this wine with notes of elegance and pleasant austerity.
At the racking the Buttafuoco Storico passes in wooden barrels for a minimum aging of twelve months and then bottled for at least another six months. The product thus obtained can not be placed on the market before 36 months after the harvest.
The result is a wine of great body, elegance and softness, but above all it is a product of remarkable personality, as it expresses the organoleptic characteristics of the vineyard and therefore of the area of ​​origin.
A “noble” wine that lasts over time and continues to be enriched with pleasant characters.
The bottle marked with the “Marchio del Veliero” is the only one that guarantees the authenticity of the product.